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Another series from the Star Trek franchise. It begins with the Federation trying to find the Maquis–a group of rebels first met in Deep Space Nine. They send Captain Kathryn Janeway and the new Starship Voyager to find them in a part of space known as the badlands. She recruits former Maquis member and Federation pilot, Tom Paris to help her. When they enter the badlands, something happens and they find themselves in the Delta Quadrant which is 70,000 light years away. They find the Maquis they were searching for led by Commander Chakotay. They learn that they were brought there by a being known as the Caretaker who was looking for someone to take his place as he was dying and it's his job to look after the Ocampa, an alien race, who is constantly being threatened by the Kazon. Janeway convinces the Caretaker to let the Ocampa fend for themselves but before he could return them he dies and knowing that the Kazon would use the Caretaker's technology to conquer the Ocampa Janeway destroys his ship leaving them stranded in the Delta Quadrant. They have no choice but to try and find a way to return to their own universe which would take them many years at their best speed. Janeway decides to take in Chakotay and his people and make them crewmembers. Also joining them is Neelix, a Talaxian, who helps them get through this unknown quadrant, and Kes, an Ocampan. Now the ship's regular doctor was killed, so for their medical needs, they have to rely on the EMH or Emergency Medical Hologram, which is a hologram of a doctor. During the fourth season, they met with the Borg, and somehow one of them, Seven of Nine was left with them and they were able revert back into human form, partially. And Kes who was going through some changes and could no longer remain on the ship left. Among the other crew members, B'Lanna Torres, a half human half Klingon engineer. Tuvok, the Vulcan Security Officer. And navigator Harry Kim.
In the 24th Century the Federation star ship USS Voyager has just been released for take-off and for a Deep-Space mission to the Badlands. The Badlands is the hideout for so-called traitors to the Federation. They call themselves the Maquis. The Maquis are mostly ex-Federation and some freelancers. Anyone who pays their barging? is their leader. Captain Kathryn Janeway is the chosen captain for this mission because of her training and experience. She requests to speak a prisoner and former Maquis helmsman called Tom Paris. (Tomas Eugene Paris) Because of Mr. Paris, his experience and knowledge of the Badlands, he is the perfect advisor to go on the Deep-Space mission. Mr. Paris is also the Son of the Commander-Admiral Paris, Head of Starfleet. Setting off for the Badlands, they find no Maquis ship what so ever. Not even a trace. Some while later, they get swept away off their 'feet' and are carried to the Delta Quadrant - 75,000 light-years from home. There they find a stating? which belongs to the Caretaker who lately takes care of an entire race called the Ocampa. A friendly-suspicious person called Neelix is hailing them and warning them to stay away from his junk. She makes a deal with Neelix and he can come on board. If it isn't for Neelix, they couldn't save the abducted Maquis and Starfleet Operations Manager Harry Kim from the Ocampa world. This world is threatened by a race called the Kazon. Through the Caretaker, they meet the Maquis and decide to become allies because the situation doesn't look promising. They eventually will get at war with the Kazon since they want to have the - already dying - Caretaker's station and destroy the Ocampa. Captain Chakotay rescues Voyager from destruction by the Kazon and destroys his ship in the process, by colliding it with the Kazon ship. They will form one single crew and rescue the missing B'Lanna Torres and Harry Kim. Kes, Neelix's girlfriend and Nelix himself will stay on board and serve the captain by becoming part of the crew. Maquis and Starfleet bond together, they set off on a 75 year journey to the Alpha Quadrant, where Earth is. Since some of the crew of Voyager were killed in the progress of going to the Delta Quadrant, the Maquis will take their place. Also the Doctor is killed, which leaves them with activating the EMH. The Emergency Medical Hologram. Captain Janeway, Lieutenant Tuvok, Lieutentant-Chief Enegenier B'Lanna Torres, Helsman Tom Paris, Navigator Harry Kim, Commander Chakotay and the EMH sail off to a long journey to simply go home. During the seasons Kes will leave Voyager and a Borg, Seven of Nine, will take her place. Seven has much to learn since she was assimilated as a child and lost all of her humanity. This is not only one of the Captain's missions. She and her crew will endure much more difficult tasks at hand.
Some people say that &quot;Star Trek: Voyager&quot; started out strong. The pilot was good they say, the first few seasons had great potential. However, in any objective view this is not the case. &quot;Star Trek: Voyager&quot; failed from the moment of conception.<br/><br/>Before &quot;Voyager&quot; was ever released, some of the crew discussed a little about what the show would be like. This quote by the great Ron D. Moore, of Battlestar Galactica fame, illustrates it best: &quot;The premise has a lot of possibilities. Before it aired, I was at a convention in Pasadena, and Sternbach and Okuda were on stage, and they were answering questions from the audience about the new ship. It was all very technical, and they were talking about the fact that in the premise this ship was going to have problems. It wasn&#39;t going to have unlimited sources of energy. It wasn&#39;t going to have all the doodads of the Enterprise. It was going to be rougher, fending for themselves more, having to trade to get supplies that they want. That didn&#39;t happen. It doesn&#39;t happen at all, and it&#39;s a lie to the audience. I think the audience intuitively knows when something is true and something is not true. Voyager is not true. If it were true, the ship would not look spic-and-span every week, after all these battles it goes through. How many times has the bridge been destroyed? How many shuttlecrafts have vanished, and another one just comes out of the oven? That kind of bullshitting the audience I think takes its toll. At some point the audience stops taking it seriously, because they know that this is not really the way this would happen. These people wouldn&#39;t act like this.&quot; Ron D. Moore&#39;s problems with Voyager aside, this quote shows the intelligent viewing audience several problems that existed throughout the series run.<br/><br/>a) Voyager never changed in it&#39;s entire seven year voyage. The ship&#39;s hull never was damaged, there were no burn marks from weapons fire, no marks from nebulae, no burn marks from entering planetary atmospheres (they did that a few times,) the ship was even largely assimilated by the Borg at one point, and no visible effect, on the interior or exterior of the ship, was ever shown. The ship was &quot;spic-and-span&quot; as Ron D. Moore says.<br/><br/>b) The original premise of a crew-at-odds was dropped very early in the run of the series. I wouldn&#39;t be surprised if anyone forgot, but there were originally supposed to be two separate crews on the starship Voyager. A Federation crew, and a Maquis crew. A casual examination of the Maquis (as depicted on other Star Trek shows) shows that they have surrendered their Federation citizenship, they oppose the Federation for giving away their homes to a hostile race, they think the Federation is worse than the Borg. After the pilot episode the Maquis were wearing Starfleet uniforms! A little while after that, it seems like even the Marquis forgot they were labelled as terrorists by the Federation!<br/><br/>c) 7 of 9. Or, as I like to call her &quot;canonical Mary Sue.&quot; She&#39;s a drop dead gorgeous, former Borg drone, she&#39;s a genius, her nano-probes can do nearly anything! All the male characters want to be with her (and most of the female ones if you follow the latest &quot;slash&quot; fan fiction,) she&#39;s such an amazing character that after her debut most of the episodes became about her. Truth is, she&#39;s too good, too powerful, she&#39;s (for lack of a better term) a Mary Sue! Jeri Ryan isn&#39;t even a good actor. She tries for &quot;Borg&quot; but all the gets is &quot;yawn.&quot;<br/><br/>d) The writing for Voyager is atrocious. About half of it is technobable (such gems as &quot;interfereometric wave,&quot; whatever that&#39;s supposed to be,) throw in a few clich├ęs, long thoughtful pauses and bad attempts at lighthearted joking, and you have the average Voyager script. As time went on, the scripts got more and more outlandish, often showing alternate time lines just so the audience could see cool special effects (i.e. Voyager blowing up, Voyager crashing on ice planet, etc.) And someone please tell me how the ship can keep the holodecks on 24 hours a day while the ship is starving for power?<br/><br/>Voyager had promise, it really did, and I tried to like it. But it ultimately falls short of what good Star Trek, and good TV can be. Don&#39;t invest your time into this show, just look for something better…
The show is a brilliant appropriation of the Star Trek series. The plots are inventive and enthralling. The characters are likeable and it has a huge fanbase. So why does the comment read, &#39;horrible&#39;?<br/><br/>I am appalled at this and some of the even less thought-through invective posted here.<br/><br/>It shocks me further to see how people seriously compare Voyager to Deep Space 9, which has terribly poor acting, ridiculous plots (remember that one where they went back in time and used footage from the original series? The epitome of the absurdity within the series.) There was no invention in this series, save the shapeshifter.<br/><br/>Whereas in Voyager, characters like the Doctor, Kes, the female captain and of course the controversial Seven of Nine, redeem the series, making it exciting and worth watching.<br/><br/>Voyager and Next Generation are the only ship-based science fiction shows that I have found to be worth my time.

Voyager&#39;s nacelles were created in response to the discovery made in Episode 7.09 of Star Trek: The Next Generation &quot;Force of Nature&quot; that warp travel was damaging subspace. While never mentioned explicitly on Star Trek: Voyager, those who have worked on the show have stated that Voyager&#39;s variable geometry warp nacelles were not damaging to subspace. Despite this, the issue brought up in &quot;Force of Nature&quot; was ignored in Star Trek and essentially forgotten as it was seen to have been a limiting issue not conducive to the creation of good stories, specially in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine where ships were frequently seen cruising at over the warp limit enacted in &quot;Force of Nature&quot;. A non-canonical explanation of how existing ships were allowed to travel past the warp limit without using variable geometry nacelles may be that Starfleet engineers simply found a simpler way of making warp speed subspace-friendly without changing the nacelles drastically.<br/><br/>Besides - it LOOKS so damn cool! Yes, and it&#39;s all about the ranks of certain characters. From the beginning Tuvok was apparently meant to be a Lieutenant, but in the pilot episode &quot;Caretaker&quot; was given the rank pips of Lieutenant Commander - two silver, one black. This was allegedly a wardrobe error. Cashiered former Starfleet officer Tom Paris was given the rank of full Lieutenant (two silver pips) and Maquis crewmember B&#39;Elanna Torres was given the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade - one black strip, one silver on her rank pin. She was seemingly promoted to Lieutenant Full Grade at the end of the following episode, &quot;Parallax&quot;, when she is made Chief Engineer (two silver strips on her rank pin). However, during the 12th episode of the first season, &quot;Cathexis&quot;, the mistake with Tuvok&#39;s rank was spotted and corrected. At the same time it was also evidently decided to &quot;demote&quot; Paris and Torres, both to Lieutenant Junior Grade. This was probably done to maintain a reasonable chain of command, and possibly because it was felt they should not hold the same rank as one of Captain Janeway&#39;s trusted and most senior officers. As a result there are several continuity errors as Tuvok and Paris&#39; ranks change back and forth due to the shooting schedule; they retain their original ranks for the sequences set on the bridge, but the revised ones are shown in all other scenes. Torres&#39; rank pin is revised in all her scenes, again a result of the shooting schedule.<br/><br/>From a story point of view, it has been inferred that Tuvok and Torres are both demoted as a result of their actions in the previous episode, &quot;Prime Factors&quot;, where they undermine Captain Janeway&#39;s authority and are summarily disciplined, though any demotions are never seen or referred to onscreen. While plausible, this theory does not account for the continuity errors in the following episode or the change in Paris&#39; rank, though. In the fourth season episode &quot;Revulsion&quot;, Tuvok receives an on-screen promotion to Lieutenant Commander, with no reference to any demotion. And to confuse the issue further, in another season four episode, &quot;Day of Honor&quot;, Paris takes the time to remind Torres that he actually outranks her, despite the pair seemingly having the same rank! This is because he had served longer on Voyager (even thought it was just by a few days) giving him Time in Service and Time in Grade seniority. During the USS Voyager&#39;s return to Earth, the ships lost around 15 shuttles. It was never explained or shown to us in the show how the Voyager crew were able to constantly create new shuttles despite being a medium sized ship thousands of lightyears from Federation space. It can be assumed that the crew replicated shuttle parts and constructed a new shuttle once one had been destroyed. This is one aspect of Star Trek: Voyager which has attracted a lot of negative attention many from fans who feel it was unrealistic for crew to be able to constantly replace shuttles/construct warp drives in their situation. Voyager originally had a complement of 40 torpedoes and Tuvok mentioned in Season 1 Episode &quot;The Cloud&quot; that there was no way to replace them once they were gone. By the end of the ship&#39;s seven year journey, Voyager had used 93 Starfleet standard photon torpedoes. The audience is never told or shown how Voyager was suddenly able to replace these supposedly &quot;irreplaceable&quot; torpedoes. However, it is possible that they obtained them through encounters with other species, both friendly (e.g. trade) and hostile (e.g. salvaged from wreckage after being forced into battle). Remember that the crew also obtained several forms of propulsion and defensive technology during the course of the series (the Borg seemed to be an exceptionally rich source for such things), so it isn&#39;t completely unrealistic to assume they got a hold of weapons they could modify for their own use. Or, being isolated from Starfleet, the crew just had to become creative in everything, and use the ship for purposes it wasn&#39;t originally designed for. Just as they had to regularly create dilithium for their engines, create a Stellar Cartography section, and started a Hydroponics bay and kitchen for growing and cooking food, they may have learned to create torpedoes from the raw materials. According to the numbers stated in the FAQ above, the crew also had to replace several shuttles with active warp drives, so reproducing topedoes would not be too far-fetched. Throughout Voyager&#39;s seven year journey, the crew count appears to go up and down several times without any apparent reason why. In season 2 episode 1 &quot;The 37s&quot;, it is mentioned there are 152 crew members on board. In season 3 episode 2 &quot;Distant Origin&quot;, alien sensors pick up 147 lifesigns. In season 5 episode 4 &quot;In the Flesh&quot;, the Doctor implies there are 127 crew members. In season 5 episode 13 &quot;Gravity&quot;, it is said there are 152 crew members. In season 5 episode 15 &quot;Dark Frontier&quot;, there are 143 lifesigns detected on Voyager. In season 5 episode 22 &quot;Someone to Watch Over Me&quot;, there are 146 crew members. In season 7 episode 20 &quot;Author, Author&quot;, there are still 146 crew members despite there being several deaths since the events of &quot;Someone to Watch Over Me&quot;.<br/><br/>Over the years, we saw that Voyager lost approximately 33 crew members. However this was not reflected in the crew counts we heard throughout the show, and an inshow explanation for how the crew numbers jumped up and down so much seems impossible as besides Kes, Neelix, Naomi, Seven and Icheb and the 5 Equinox crewmembers added in Season 6 Episode 1 &quot;Equinox Part 2&quot;, there were no permanent new additions to the crew throughout the show. It is far more likely that the writers simply did not keep tabs on the number of crewmembers. This is also reflected in other ways such as the surprise sighting of a female Vulcan on board Voyager in season 7 episode 4 &quot;Repression&quot; which directly contradicts the events of Season 3 episode &quot;Blood Fever&quot; and Season 5 episode &quot;Counterpoint&quot;. Yet in the Season 3 episode &quot;Flashback&quot; Tuvok does clearly mention there are indeed other Vulcan crew members aboard Voyager. Due to the nature of the shows premise being that the ship is small and far away from Federation space, such continuity errors are particularly jarring. It takes place in the years 2371-2378 A.D.
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