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I went to see this movie when it appeared in cinemas. I had the opportunity of going to it when the actors where there. They sat and watched the movie like we did, but they preferred to leave the cinema before the movie was over. I guess because all the laughing they heard. This movie is a very good comedy, considering it was meant to be a serious one. I didn't understood why the actors were talking in English and in Hungarian, even though they were in Romania. I guess this is the effect that Dracula had on them. The dialog can make you laugh, if you compare it to the one you'll find in almost every movie that's not made in Romania. In my opinion, the two lines that deserve attention is " the boss is p***ed off " and " in our time, we used to smoke pot and f**k like rabbits ". The vampires are great, every one of them is wearing t-shirts with bands written on them, like offspring, and they all have long hair, probably some students who listen to rock music, and didn't had any money to buy beers.
It's a pitie that Dracula is known only from the american movies! My God, he was a Vojevod of Valachia (a region in Romania)! So we decided: we will be the first (and probably the only) romanian producers who will have the courage to do a romanian movie about the history and the legend of Dracula. Because we are romanians our Dracula is the positive character although he is immortal and . he, probably, lives among us.

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